Q: How do I create a potluck?
A: Creating a potluck is done in 2 easy steps:

  1. Create a user account by clicking here.
  2. Create a potluck by clicking here.

Q: Why do I have to sign up to create a potluck?
A: Creating a user account will give you the ability to manage any potluck you create. This includes:

  1. Editing anyone's entries.
  2. Deleting anyone's entries.
  3. Editing the information about the potlucks.

Q: Does this cost anything?
A: Nope, although, we wouldn't turn away ANY donations. Also, feedback is a good form of payment.

Q: How do I create a potlucks where the items are already defined?
A: You can add items to a potluck and leave the "who" field empty. If you do this, a link will appear in its place that says "Claim This". When another user clicks on this, it will allow them to enter their name.

Q: How do I change information about the potluck?
A: You can change any information about the potluck except of the URL. This is done by simply clicking on the information you want to change. You can also click on the label of the information you want to change.

Q: How can I donate large sums of money to this wonderful site?
A: CLICK ON THE "MAKE A DONATION" button...a lot...

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Q: How can I contact the admin of this site if there are problems?
A: Click here.

Q: What do all of the little icons mean?
A: (Edit) | (Delete) | (Recipe) | (Save) | (Cancel)